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About Us...

Established in 1983, First General Niagara has led the property damage restoration industry in technology, service and customer approval rating. Coordinating your restoration needs, our focus is always on offering you peace of mind and satisfaction in an otherwise stressful situation.

Call Us First!

We Respond 24 Hours A Day, 365 Days A Year, Minimizing Damages And Reducing Overall Restoration Costs.
Communication with property owners, property managers and insurance companies is critical to a successful restoration project. We make it easy to share information about the status of work in progress, including full documentation of the work being performed, selection of materials, and confirmed work schedules. This is one of the many reasons we enjoy a high level of customer satisfaction and insurance company approval.
First General members are trained to work with property owners, property managers, and the insurance company. Educated to look for hidden damage that can cause potential problems, First General services members maintain industry qualifications and guarantee that professionally executed projects are carried out.
Our member affiliates are restoration specialists with the knowledge and qualifications to complete any property restoration. Our goal is to provide you with the assistance and support you need so that relief is only a few steps away.

Thanks For Visiting!  May you never need us, but if you do, we're just a phone call away.

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