Fire Damage

• Make safety a priority. Even if everything looks safe and clear to you, don’t enter your property after a fire until a professional has told you it’s safe to do so. Not only could your structure be unstable, but fires can start again — even after they appear to be out.
• Take photographic evidence of the fire damage, take notes of conversations or keep email correspondence, and save receipts and documents – this will help when it comes to dealing with your insurance company.
• Call your insurance agent, in order to get the ball rolling on fire damage assessment.
• Call your local restoration company, to help with fire damage cleanup and repair.
• Limit movement inside the building, this will stop soot particles from spreading.
• Change furnace filters.
• Cover your dry furnishings and upholstery with sheets.
• If the weather allows, open windows and doors for ventilation.
• Remove all clothing from the property and have it cleaned by professional fire damage restoration cleaners, not just a dry cleaner.
• Throw away all food and drink left after the fire.

• Enter the building before the fire department gives you the go-ahead, even if it looks safe.
• Start to clean or wipe residue from walls, ceilings, and other surfaces. Everything needs to be assessed by your insurer first.
• Use or try to clean carpets or furnishings impacted by smoke residues or debris until they are professionally cleaned.
• Use food items or canned goods that were exposed to heat or fire.
• Turn on the water, electric, or gas until professionally checked.
• Turn on, clean, or use electronic equipment until professionally checked.

The residue left behind after fire damage may cause health problems if it’s not handled correctly. Only trained experts with professional equipment can ensure fire damage restoration is done safely and thoroughly.

There are few simple precautions for avoiding fires:
If you don’t already have a smoke detector or alarm, it’s time to get one installed. They are your best defense when it comes to minimizing fire damage. If you already have one, ensure you are checking it regularly. Test the batteries once a month and replace the system every 10 years. Make sure you also have enough detectors and on every level, if you have more than one storey in your home or business.
Choose a type of fire extinguisher that will suit your needs – for home or businesses. And make sure they are easily accessible, light enough to maneuver, and family members or employees are trained to use them.
Cooking equipment is often the cause of home fires and injuries. It’s essential to be mindful while cooking in the kitchen, not only with how you cook but also of leaving cooking surfaces unattended and appliances left on. A new craze with air fryers has made cooking quick & clean, but we’ve had a few incidents where these appliances have shorted out while left plugged in on countertops and fires have resulted. Please do not leave your air fryer plugged in while not in use.

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